Visa&License in Japan

Setting Up a Branch Company in Japan

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When a foreign company employs a representative and open an office, it needs to follow the prescribed legal procedures to open a branch. 

We are here to make an application for setting up a branch on your behalf. 

Alternatively, our service also includes making application for visas(such as Investor/Business Manager visa or Intra-company transferee visa) 

Setting Up a Branch in Japan

 Setting up a branch in Japan

⇒ When a foreign company decides to engage in business operations in Japan, 
   it must determine a representative, secure an office location and register necessary 
   information in Japan. 
⇒ Registration is not necessary for a representative office that does not engage in
   sales activities. 
   On the other hand, registration is required where it conducts market surveys,    
   collects information, purchases goods and implements publicity/advertising. 
 Determination of a representative in Japan

⇒ At least one representative must have an address in and be resident in Japan. 
⇒ A foreign national must obtain working visas such as an Investor/Business Manager
   visa and Intra-Company Transferee visa in order to become a representative of a
   Japanese branch office. 
 Estimated time of the procedure

⇒ It would take approximately 1 week for registering a branch.  
⇒ The process varies depending on home country of the foreign company.

How do I set up a branch in Japan?

General flow of procedures for setting up a branch office in Japan
1. Preparation of articles of association and a company register of the home country.


2. Preparation of Affidavit establishment of branch office


3. Certification of Affidavit by embassy/consulate in Japan


4. Preparation of an application for a branch registration.


5. Application to the Legal Affairs Bureau for registration of branch office establishment.


6. Acquisition of certificate on company registration.


7. Procedure after completion of registration



When the foreign company applies for branch registration, the following documents provided and certified by public authorities in the home country are required.

1. An official document certifying the address of the foreign company in the home
2. An official document certifying articles of association and profile of the foreign 
3. An official document certifying the qualification of the representative in Japan.
Affidavit containing above information which are attested by a notary public in the 
home country may be also used.

Notarization of affidavit
Notary place ・Embassy or consulate in Japan
・Notary’s office in the home country
Contents of affidavit Information for registering company
Deponent ・Embassy or consulate in Japan – representative of a Japanese branch office
・Notary’s office in the home country – representative of the foreign company in the home country.
Fee for notarizing an affidavit

Fee for notarizing an affidavit differs among countries and is to be paid at embassy, consulate and notary.