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Living With Your Family in Japan

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If you are already working in Japan, or will work in Japan and wishing to live you family in Japan, you will need to apply for Dependant visa. 
The major requirement for Dependant visa is to prove that you and your family are legally related. 
We undertake application service for Dependant visa and submit it to the immigration bureau on behalf of clients. 

Dependant Visa

 It is a visa granted to a spouse or unmarried minor child of those who have certain working visa or student visa. 

Most of status of residence can support application for dependent visa but there are certain exceptions. 

The applicable status of residence to support dependent visa Professor, Artist, Religious Activities, Journalist, Investor/Business manager, Legal/Accounting services, Medical services, Researcher, Instructor, Engineer, Specialist in humanities/International Services,Intra-company transferee, Entertainer, Skilled labour, Cultural activities, College student
Inapplicable status of residence to support dependent visa Pre-college student, Training, short-term stay 



⇒ An applicant should be financially dependent on the applicable visa holder.

   In other words, the applicant’s daily activities should be supported by the  alien staying in Japan with an applicable status of residence listed in the table above. 


⇒ Applicant should be a spouse or unmarried minor child of the applicable visa holder.



Period of Stay 

⇁E or 6 months. 1, 2 or 3 years




⇒ Usually, dependent visa per se does not allow you to work. However, if you get a work permit, you will be able to work with restriction such as upon the type of work you undertake and on the hours you can work. 


⇒ If you get employed and became no longer financially dependent on the visa holder, you need to apply for working visa.