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Getting Married to a Japanese or Permanent Resident

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When a foreigner marries a Japanese or permanent resident, he may apply for Spouse or Child of Japanese national or Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident visa.
Spouse Eof Japanese national should be legally and practically married to a Japanese national. 
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Spouse or Child of Japanese National visa

It is a visa granted to a spouse of Japanese nationals, the children adopted by Japanese nationals pursuant to the provisions of Article 817-2 of the Civil or those born as the children of Japanese nationals. 

Period of Stay

⇒ 1 or 3 years


⇒ Spouse Eof Japanese national should be legally and practically married to a 
  Japanese national. In other words, it is important to demonstrate that it is a real
  marriage between the applicant and the spouse and that you entered into such
  matrimony in a good faith.
  The burden of proof is on the applicants to demonstrate these facts to the
  Immigration Bureau. 
⇒ The applicant does not need to be financially dependent on his/her spouse. 
⇒ If the applicant divorced his/her spouse or the partner died, the application for this
  visa cannot be made. 
⇒ Fiancé and a common-law partner do not qualify for visa eligibility.
⇒ Depending on the circumstances, the applicant may be able to apply for Long-term
  Resident Visa when they divorced a Japanese national.
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