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Getting a License for Travel Agency Service

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In 2010, regulation on Chinese tourists Eentry to Japan has been relaxed. 
Chinese tourists used to need to prove that they have more than RMB 250,000 (equivalent to JPY 3,200,000) of annual income in order to get their tourist visa issued.

But now, they only need to provide that they either have more than RMB 60,000 (equivalent to JPY 800,000) or have a gold credit card.
Due to this relaxation of regulation, the number of Chinese tourists who visit Japan is rapidly rising and is expected to rise approximately up to 150 million every year.
Travel industry, retail trade industry and distribution industry are now trying to take full advantage of this perfect business opportunity through launching effective advertisement targeting Chinese tourists or making arrangements for Chinese coordinator/translator to seize this opportunity. 
Travel industry in Japan now is very HOT!
If you are thinking to start a tourism agency business, please consult us as soon as possible not to miss out this opportunity. 
Support Gyoseishoshi Law Firm will not only provide you with full support for obtaining tourism agency license,our specialists but also offer you the best and most suitable business model for you if you never mind sharing your rough idea or business plan.
Please utilize our experience and knowledge to succeed in tourism agency business!

Our services

Services Notes
Registration service for: Class II Tourism Agency Class III Tourism Agency (Dai 2 Dai Ryokogyo ) Mainly package holiday and order-made (arranged) holiday within Japan. Registration should be made at each prefecture.
Registration service for: Class I Tourism Agency (Dai 1 Ryokogyo) Mainly package holiday in Japan and abroad. Registration should be made at Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Registration service for agency service of Tourism Agency (Ryokogyo Gyosha Dairigyo) For those who act as agents for travel agency.
Membership application service for Travel Agents Association For Japan Association of Travel Agents and All Nippon Travel Agents Association.
Application service for renewal of registration Registration should be renewed every 5 years.
Application service for change of registration matter. Application for change should be made when there is a change in company’s trade name, member of directors, address or operation office.
Application service for change of ?Eype?Eof tourism Application for change should be made when you wish to change your tourist business between Class I, Class II and Class III.
Reporting service of annual turnover A report should be filed and reported within 100 days of the end of every financial year.


1. Business Operations and Requirements

  Business Operation Statutory Requirements
Planned Holiday (Package) Arranged Holiday (Tehai) Security deposit Standard asset (Kijun Shisan)
Agent-organized Order-made Holiday (Custom)
Abroad Japan
Class I JPY 70,000,000 JPY 30,000,000
Class II × JPY 11,000,000 JPY 7,000,000
Class III × JPY 3,000,000 JPY 3,000,000

△…application can be made for Type III in the following cases
→A tour is conducted in a town/city/village with only one operating office existing or in a neighbouring town/city/village or in an area designated by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
→Payment for a tour is not paid before a tour takes place. In other words, where the payment is made on the day.

2. Articles of Association
When applying for Tourism Agency License, the purpose of the Articles of Association should include the phrase `tourism agency business based on Travel and Tourism Law’

3. Certified Travel Supervisor (Manager)
・When your business (operating office) involves travelling abroad, a full-time Certified Travel Supervisor must be appointed and stationed at the office.
・Where there are more than 10 workers in the office, more than 2 Certified Travel Supervisor must be appointed.

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