Visa&License in Japan

Starting a Real Estate Business in Japan

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You will need to get a license for real estate business (Takuchi-Tatemono-Torihikigyo) in order to start a real estate business. 
Support Gyoseishoshi Law Firm will fully support the application process for clients. 
Our services also include reporting to the relevant authorities if any change is made in registration matters. 

About License for Real Estate Business

■Real Estate Business Guide
A license for Real Estate Business is required where you continuously conduct the following activities targeting general people. 
Category Your own property Other people’s property(dealt by an Agent) Other people’s property(dealt by a Broker)
Sales and Purchase
Rent ×

○ license required × license not required

In other words, unless your rent your own property as an owner, you will need to get a license for Real Estate Business in order to continuously sell and purchase, exchange and rent.

■License Categories

【Minister-authorized license and Governor-authorized license】
If you have offices located in more than 2 prefectures, you need to apply for Minister-authorized license.
If you have only one office, you then need to apply for Governor-authorized license.
Application for license can be made by both individual and corporate.

■Period of Validity

Validity period of license is 5 years.
If you wish to continue the business, you need to apply for renewal of license from 90 days to 30 days before the license expires. If there is any change made in registration matters, you need to file an application form and notify the relevant authority.