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Visa&License in Japan

ビザTOP(英語) ビザ サポート行政書士法人行政書士,名古屋,東京,大阪,芳村宮澤  ビザ サポート行政書士法人行政書士,名古屋,東京,大阪,林王  ビザ サポート行政書士法人行政書士,名古屋,東京,大阪,文陳 

Our Services

Our Services flow [working visa]

 ①:Consultation & Estimate


Free Legal Consultation!
Firstly, please contact us(at the number below or the contact form)
call number:+81-3-5325-1355
★When you come to our office , we will check your situation and explain the application plan.  (We can also provide an interpreter who can translate for you)
★It is possible to have a consultation after office hours, on Saturdays and Sundays. 
★We will ask you questions regarding your situations, needs, etc in detail during the consultations. Then we can give you a proper estimation.




If you are satisfied with the remuneration, we can proceed with the application process.
③:Document collection & writing


We collect & prepare your documents .
We may need your help with some documents and we will tell
you how to prepare those.
And we can translate documents into English, Chinese or
Korean for free.
However, we may charge a translation fee, depending on
how many documents that need to be translated.

 ④:Substitution of Application



Our office staff (Gyoseishoshi lawyers)  will apply for a visa in place of you the at Immigration Bureau in all areas in Japan.
Therefore you do not need to go to the Immigration Bureau.
If the Immigration Bureau staff dictates us to submit additional documents, we will deal with it.

 ⑤:Certificate of Eligibility


If the applicant passes the eligibility review, a Certificate of Eligibility will be sent to our office .
We will give it to you after our remuneration has been settled .
If we cannot obtain the Certificate of Eligibility, we will apply again for you

 ⑥:Sending Certificate to your country & Application of the visa


We will send the Certificate of Eligibility to your own country and
you have to apply for the visa at a Japanese Embassy.
After you obtain the visa, you can enter Japan!
 (Effective period of Certificate of Eligibility is three months from issue.)



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Business License and Visa in Japan

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