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Hotel Business in Japan

You need to apply for the license if your service correspond all conditions below

1, you charge for stay

Even maintenance cost for electricity or water would be regarded as hotel charge.


2, guests use bedding while their stay

Even if guests bring and use their own bedding, it would correspond to this condition.


3, you have responsibility on maintenance of sanitary conditions



4, guests don’t use rooms as a base and center of their lives

An apartment rented by a week would correspond to this condition. 

Types and definitions

1, Hotel

Have more than 10 Western style rooms, restaurants and a lobby.


2, Japanese style hotel

Have more than 5 Japanese style rooms and a lobby. This style hotel would be with or without restaurants.


3, Hostel / Inns

Guests are supposed to share a room. (e.g. capsule hotel, bungalow)


4, Lodging

Accommodation guests stay more than a month.

Collect data and prepare documents

We prepare application form and other documents required not only for Hotel business license but for licenses related through preliminary consultaion with public authorities. 

Carry out the procedure related Fire Service Act

We apply for notification on your behalf. It includes on the spot inspection.

Apply for Hotel Business and related licenses

Completion Inspection

Applicants need to attend this inspection. We will step in as well.

Receive a certificate of operating permission

You will receive it from jurisdictional public health center then you can start business activities.



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