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Customer satisfaction questionnaire

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Request of the questionnaire
Thank you for choosing our service.
For service improvement, we’d like to ask you to answer this questionnaire.
Your answer will be posted on our website anonymously.
  1. ■Which service did you choose?
  2. ■Why did you decide to choose our service?
    (For example: Introduced by our friend/ Friendly/ the price is good)
  3. ■How was the speed of our work?
  4. ■How was the quality of our service?
  5. ■How was the charge staff?
  6. ■Will you use our company again, when you have a similar problem?
  7. ■Who was the charge staff? (You can choose several staffs.)
  8. <東京>Tokyo/Yokohama#
  9. <名古屋>Nagoya
  10. <大阪>Osaka
  11. ■Please let us know your opinions about our service in general?
  12. ■What is your name?
  13. Would you mind us to post your answer with your name?
  14. If you finish to answer our questionnaire, please send your answer.
    (If you push the send button, your information will send.)
    Thank you!


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